Your Child's Information is Safe, Secure and Under Your Control
Control and Protect Your Data

We take the security of your information seriously. All data and communication is encrypted using asymmetric key elliptic curve cryptography.

Access is controlled using browser certificates, registered mobile apps and multifactor authentication so only you can access information about your child.

You are always in control of your information and can choose how long it is retained and who can access it.

Choose What to Collect and Why

We know your child's privacy is important and your needs as parents vary, so you control what information to collect and what remains private.

Do you need to see every photo taken or every text message--or just if their camera is being used in school and who they are texting? The choice is yours.

We do not share data with any advertisers (and are entirely ad-free, of course).

See Patterns, Trends and Analysis

Beyond essential visibility, you get insights into behavior that can help guide a child's use of technology and alert you to risks otherwise missed.

See patterns and trends, comparisons to others, and whether apps and activities are age-appropriate using trusted sources.

We also monitor mobile devices for malicious or suspicious apps and activity that might put your child or data at risk.

Know What They Do, Where They've Been and Who They Contact

Where are they now? Where have they been? When did they arrive home? Did they go to the mall?


What apps are they using and how long do they use them? How often a day do they check Facebook?


What sites are they visiting? What have they searched for? Is the content appropriate?

Screen Time

How much are they using their device? Where do they use it the most? Are they using it after bedtime?

Social Media

What are they posting online? What did they receive on Snapchat? Who are they following?


Where have they connected their phone? How long does the battery last? Have they changed settings?

Photos and Videos

What pictures and videos have they taken? What files were downloaded? What pictures were sent?


Who do they communicate with the most? Are they texting while driving? What photos have they shared?


Are apps safe and age-appropriate? Are they leaking sensitive data? Is there malicious activity?