Welcome to the Latch Mobile Early Adopter Program

Do you have a child with a smartphone? Are you concerned about dangerous online activities like sexting and bullying? Have you worried about disappearing photos like Snapchat and anonymous chats like Kik? We can help.

We're Latch Mobile and our mission is to take the worry out of giving kids a smartphone with a service for parents that reports dangerous and concerning activity. You stay informed and can have conversations before there are consequences.

We're looking for a limited number of parents to be part of our Early Adopter Program. To participate:

  1. Your child uses an Android smartphone (like those from Samsung, Motorola, Google, HTC and LG; no iPhones yet).
  2. You can access our site using a browser like Chrome or Safari from any mobile or desktop device.
  3. You can use the service for at least one month and will provide feedback on your experience.

We need input from parents like you to help make this the best solution possible. Sign up below and we'll get you started.

Participation in the Early Adopter Program gives you the service for free for the first three months. After this time, we'll have a referral program where you can get additional free months by helping spread the word about Latch Mobile.

We'll never share your email with anyone else.