Kids have smartphones.

Parents have blind spots.

We can help.

We provide parents with an intelligent service that monitors what your kids do on their phones and lets you know when you should be concerned and why.
Have your conversations before consequences.

In Sight

Locations and activities at your fingertips at all times with trends and analysis. Know what they’re doing, where, when, how much and with whom. Know if it matters.

In Reach

Peace of mind knowing you can reach them in an emergency even if you’re not near your phone, and they can reach you or someone you trust even if they can’t use theirs.

Out of Trouble

A trusted advisor that watches when you can't, looking for unusual or malicious activity, and alerts you to inappropriate apps, dangerous places, or high-risk behavior.

Get Started

Complete coverage for two kids and all their mobile devices, access for up to two parents or guardians, and 30 days of history starting at $10/month. For a limited time, you can join our Early Adopter Program for free!